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   Akwaaba Board of Directors

Adriana Guevara Chiocchi

Co-Founder & Director

Adriana has served as in-house counsel or general counsel for more than 15 years in a variety of public companies across several industries such as hardware, software, internet, semi-conductor, entertainment and telecommunications. She has represented large public company clients such as AMD, Cadence, Plumtree Software/BEA, SGI, HP, and Veritas as well as smaller private and public companies such as Wrapsidy and General Magic.

Adriana has served as chief legal counsel for the charitable foundations of both AMD and Cadence, and has done extensive pro bono legal work for both the Loma Prieta Educational Foundation and the Akwaaba Foundation.

With a diverse legal and business background, Adriana has worked as a business development executive as well as general counsel. Her primary practice areas include: M&A, SEC, general corporate, IP, licensing, commercial transactions, litigation management and strategy and legal department staffing and management. She has managed in-house and outside counsel world-wide and has been involved extensively in foreign legal matters.

Adriana is an inventor on a U.S. patent for the valuation of IP Blocks as well as being one of the founders of VCX IP Exchange in Scotland (forum for licensing and commercial transactions). She holds a JD/MBA from USC, and a Bachelor of Arts from U.C.S.D. with majors in Economics, English, and American Literature. She is a member of the California Bar Association.