Welcoming Students To The Global Economy Through Interactive Internet Learning

   Akwaaba Board of Directors

Alex Chiocchi

Director & Treasurer

Alex Chiocchi became involved with Simpolicon while participating in the simulation in high school. While using the simulation, Alex became a world leader and tried to improve the world's standard of living. It was clear to him that the simulation was a fantastic hands-on learning tool that educated students in International Relations, World Economics, and Sustainable Development in a way that a traditional classroom education never could. After being a passionate participant, Alex wanted to get involved with the program's dissemination. He believes it is a fantastic means of giving students a taste of real issues in the globalized economy.

At present, Alex is a student at the University of California San Diego. He is majoring in Comparative Politics and Philosophy and has received many awards for being an outstanding social-science student. While working on his degree, Alex helps the staff of the International Relations newspaper on campus and hopes to get an editorial position soon. He has attained the level of black belt in Taekwondo and after graduating from the University of California San Diego, Alex plans to remain active with the Akwaaba Foundation while serving in the Peace Corps. Subsequently, Alex plans to pursue a law degree and practice international law.

Alex’s other volunteer activities have included involvement with his High School's Aids Benefit and helping organize a fundraiser at his university for children with cancer.