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   Highly successful soft rollout of SIMPOLICON©

After a highly successful soft rollout of Simpolicon at the University of Hawaii in June, we are moving towards completing the final 1.0 version. Our programmers will be working diligently to eliminate any remaining bugs discovered by the 14 students at UH who were wonderful, enthusiastic, and helpful in running the simulation and in finding those inevitable bugs. Aloha!

   The first week

The first week of our soft roll-out of SIMPOLICON© at the University of Hawaii, Manoa is going well. Finding bugs and fixing them, and looking forward to the next five days of simulation play!

   Welcome to the University of Hawaii, Manoa, College of Education.

Denney Daetz

Co-Founder & President

   Our first "Programathon"

First "programathon" (marathon 5-days and nights programming session), Chicago; second 5-days and nights session, Northern California with board members and new volunteer; third 5-days and nights session, Northern California (just ended but not pictured).

  Hello to Akwaaba's supporters and friends.

It's been too long since we posted an update, but here is some exciting news. After hundreds of hours reprogramming SIMPOLICON©, we are doing a soft rollout of the cloud-based version beginning Monday, June 9, at University of Hawaii! Our president, Denney Daetz, is there with our program designer, Dan Hoffman, PhD and an early concept contributor, Seungoh Paek, PhD for a two-week summer session on educational technology. Our database guru, Brian "Musti" Welkin, has worked shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Hoffman and Mr. Daetz to reprogram our simulation for a new generation. They have all invested time, talent, and passion to make this day a reality, so we wish them all the best! More to follow soon.

   Our programmers are finally nearing completion

Our programmers are finally nearing completion of the alpha version of SIMPOLICON©! This is very exciting and we are looking forward to giving the first version a real workout as soon as it s delivered. Shortly thereafter, it will be launched in several high schools for beta testing. Whew!