Welcoming Students To The Global Economy Through Interactive Internet Learning

   Akwaaba Board of Directors

Stuart Schare


Stuart is a Managing Director at Navigant, a global consulting firm with a 600-person energy practice serving utilities and other companies navigating the rapid growth of renewable energy and other changes affecting the energy industry. Stuart is a founding member of the practice's Business Development team and a specialist in Demand Response—the use of customer loads to help manage the electric grid. Prior to Navigant, Stuart helped grow Boulder-based Summit Blue Consulting from a seven-person firm in 2002 to over 70 employees by the time of the firm's acquisition in 2010.

Stuart jumped wholeheartedly into a Simpolicon simulation as a high school student in 1984. Organizing his classmates on Day 1 to pool their resources and gain instant efficiencies of production, he succeeded in producing sufficient food for the entire country and starting on an economic development path that soon saw his country’s wealth far exceed its peers. What sticks with him to this day is the realization—much too late—that these achievements came at the cost of a heavily polluted environment and the emergence of an authoritarian regime that quickly dispensed with democracy, private ownership rights, and respect for a decent standard of living for foreign citizens. Stuart is thrilled at the opportunity to help nurture a rebirth of Simpolicon and make it available for a new generation of students.